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I agree.i am 21 and i have lupus.people around me tell me those words too,but they just really don't have a clue how challenging the life of a Lupus patient.

Cynthia Sanchez

OMGee!!!! I so totally agree with you. My name is Cynthia Sanchez and was diagnosed 17 yrs. ago. I,too have been on the other end of those statements and they are highly offensive! As if I wouldn't just like to shake it off!!!! Someone once told me it was all my head! I applaud your courage. I also enjoy reading your articles it makes me fell a little understood,so glad I've frieneded you and look forward to reading more:)!

Sherri Nussbaum

I agree TOTALLY. A sad side is that those who seem to judge us the harshest are the ones who are supposed to love us, our family. What I wouldn't give to find the magic formula to feel human again, to enjoy every moment of every day with the freedom to do what my soul would love to do rather than what my body can not. Thank you for your words.

Shalonda Garcia

Sherri you are right about it being our loved ones. Hopefully with more education out there we'll help them understand

Shalonda Garcia

Cynthia- I'm glad you enjoy the blog. Its a part of my plot to educate the world on Lupus one person at a time. Please feel free to share the posts. I look forward to recieving your friend request.

Shalonda Garcia

Shan I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I was your age when my symptoms started. I know its hard not being able to go as much as everyone around you. Blessings to you.

Deb Edelson

Another comment I just got yesterday from my boss who had a backache and a stomach ache. She told me it was my fault she was sick... she caught my disease. I turned to her and immediately corrected her ignorance.

Shalonda, keep up the you!!

Shalonda Garcia

Debra - what a ridiculous thing for her to say! And its hurtful too! I am glad you stand strong and corrected her. Keep on keepin on Deb and I love you too :-)

Nomen est Omen

I'm late to the party. Even if it's not said to you directly, people do give that vibe that they disbelieve you and even at work with medical certification they will make you jump through additional hoops to prove you are ill.

I don't have lupus but I do have AS and SAPHO, and for reasons unclear get the malar rash - in a way that and my Planet of the Apes walk on part gait sometimes convinces them that something might be a bit amiss.

The ones that drive me nuts are the ones who think it's a game of one upmanship, namely I've got this and it's much worse than yours; and those who assume that because I am ill that my mental faculties have deteriorated to the point of not being able to research possible cures for myself.

Until someone gets a condition like this they don't GET the meaning of their words and the impact on the person who's trying to live a normal life.

For the record, your photo looks amazing and I hope you have many days where you look and feel glowing - even when I was well I never looked as good as you.


Nomen I also am in the medical field. I get exactly what you're saying. The one upmanship drives me crazy! I think people try to downplay Lupus and those of us who have it to make themselves better. And you know what they say- " You know look sick"!

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