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i have been blessed with a physican who doesn't charge me for office visit .. but have no insurance and only just got my disability and u have to wait 2 yrs for medicare .. make too much for state aid .. may have to declare bankruptcy .. so i am glad for my physician who is so dedicated that he will see patients like me without payment .. has been doctoring 50 yrs. he was given a scholarship from this area to go to school to b a dr if he would come here and start a practice .. We are in KY and he was from VA and he left and came to this state to study and then came further west to open his own office .. so thankful for him .. they can't do much for my lupus .. gave me plaquinil and i was allergic to it .. so untreated until May 2013 .. thank you for your blogs .. i knew nothing much about lupus .. except my oldest daughter has it .. this has been very helpful .. God Bless You

Shalonda Garcia

Mary you have a wonderful one-of-a-kind physician! I'm sorry you have been diagnosed with Lupus. I'm here and am willing to answer any questions you may have.
God Bless you as well!


Ty for your response .. i have been reading your posts for awhile .. and have been reading up on this through the Lupus national foundation ... I am pretty sure that my last pregnancy was my trigger .. she is now 32 1/2 yrs old .. I really have been blessed because I am still here without a diagnoses until last yr .. God must have a plan .. Lupus is an answer to a great bunch of questions .. little things they couldn't quite understand but putting them all together now it makes sense .. I was really down because i was in bad shape last yr pneumonia 3x once almost took my life .. But God!!! no testimony without the test!!!! sorry the minister in me coming out!! lol

Shalonda Garcia

Mary you are an inspiration! Not blaming God for your Lupus instead still praising him!

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