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Thank you for writing such a "real" blog! I have been getting a little tired of seeing "shiny happy" ones about how everyone needs to just say positive affirmations all the time and everything will be perfect. As you write, our feelings are not like that...depression is a normal part of living with a chronic illness, like lupus. Again, Thank You! :)

Shalonda Garcia

Ivy, I am a pretty postive person myself but depression is a factor in most of us have to deal with. It isn't pretty and it isn't fun but it is our life.
I try to write from my POV and hope it gets the message out there. Feel free to share it with friends and family if it will help them understand.

Denise Contreras

Thank you for this I believe it is in how we deal some days are worse then others but if we try to have a good attitude and if we speak out to someone we trust and not hold it in then it helps a lot thank you so much for all your work you do on your pages. Passing it on to others Hugss..

Shalonda Garcia

You are very welcome Denise! I try hard to educate about our disease.

Lucero Conchas

I am among the 1.5 million diagnosed with this disease... I was diagnosed SLE in 2005 and it changed my life completely... By the time I was diagnosed, Lupus had already damaged my kidneys, they were only functioning 5%... I had to start hemodialysis almost immediately to save my life... I was on hemodialysis for 7 months, then I decided to start peritonial dialysis because it fit my lifestyle better... I was put on the UNO's transplant waiting list for a kidney transplant in 2007... I was devastated when I found out that the transplant program in our city had closed down due to some setbacks but still had hope that everything would turn out fine... Our social worker helped all of the people on the list to choose another program in cities like Dallas, San Antonio, Corpus Christi... I chose to go to San Antonio... I lived my life the best that I could for my daughter, waiting anxiously for that call, telling me that I was next on this list... Well I received great news in August 2010, my transplant coordinators in San Antonio gave me the great news that they had found a living donor... I had my transplant on September 9, 2010... I have had some complications after the transplant like bowel obstructions, blood clots, urinary tract infections, but thanks to GOD I am doing better now... My Lupus has been in remission for 7 years now... I only had 1 flare in these seven years... I try to live my life to the fullest because I have my daughter that needs me... When I feel sad I turn to GOD for comfort... I am a survivor and I have never been ashamed of my disease and never will, for it (LUPUS) has made me the STRONG WOMAN that I am today...

Lucero your story is wonderful! I feel the same way about Lupus, it made me stronger! It's wonderful to hear inspiration and a positive attitude like yours! Enjoy your life and your daughter!

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