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Belinda Silvas

Im having a problem with my mother and my daughter. When I slurr when I talk, they yeall at me and hang up. I puposely do not take my meds before seeing them. They do not understand that if I have a cold and take medicine, I will slurr cause of my necessary meds, and I get dry mouth from the meds and if they would see me in the am before I take my meds, I am just a slurring, clumsy, tired before I medicate. They think Im taking more than necessary or I've taken something illegal. PLEASE! Im having enought problems with my meds, why would I mix it with other drugs. I hate that and they will hang up and refuse to talk to me. I had a long day Saturday with my Aunt and cousins running around town so my aunt can see the places she has good memories of, then I went to my daughters party and k3ept dosing off, Diana instead of saying I had a long day and I had not taken my meds, she talked bad about me. The pain in my heart was more than I could take.

Shalonda Garcia

Belinda I am sorry that you're having issues wiht your family. Offer to have one or both of them go with you to your doctor's appointment. That way they can be educated by the professional.


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