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Julie Jaworski

My husband has been saying to use marijuana since the day I was diagnosed in 2008. I would love to see the results of a double blind clinical trial!

Shalonda Garcia

Julie I would love to see a clinical trial as well as some of the contradictory explained and verified!

Lauren Stearns

I have also been re-searching the benifits of using medicinal marijuana & have found out some pretty interesting benifits when used for chronic illnesses such as Lupus, MS, Cancer, Gloccoma, aniety, depression, high blood pressure,increasing brain function ETC... I have also heard that although it is illegal in most states that some doctors can give you a card or paper stating your illness & that medicinal marijuana is part of your treatment method ... Now this paper or card doesn't necessarily make it legal in your state but from what I understand if you had some in your possetion it would prevent you from being arrested & more than likely if you job does drug screens you shouldn't be at risk for losing your job after showing them your card from your doctor ... I myself would love to see & perhaps even partake in a clinical trail of the benifits of using it ... besides dealing with chronic pain I also can go days without eating, sleep issues, high blood pressure, aniety, depression & a few other things ... I am also allergic to NSAIDs & I do feel that narcotic pain medications are much more dangerous to our bodies than marijuana!!! I have never heard of anyone becoming addicted to marijuana, or overdosing on it leading to death & there is no withdrawl when you stop using it ... Now opiods may ease pain for the moment but as you know they carry a very high risk of addiction, they are very harsh to the liver, kidneys & heart, there have been many that have overdosed, & when you have been on opiods for any length of time the withdrawl effects can be quite unbarable!!! I honsetly believe that if it was legal in my state I would try it bcI could probablly cut down or completely cut off quite a few of my daily meds which for me would be ideal ... I do however wish there was another effective way of using it other than smoking it ... Thank you for this very interesting post & please keep me posted on anything else you hear or find out about the use of medicinal marijuana ... Hope you have a very blessed & pain free new year xoxo


Hello Lauren,
Thank you for your comment! You've touched on quite a few diagnoses that I didn't get too and I thank you for that. I understand that putting it in edible things is another way to ingest it without dealing with the harshness of smoking. Eating in brownies and cookies or drinking it in tea would not harm your lungs like smoking it would.
There is also a pill available called Marinol, it's made with synthetic THC. I've heard both good and bad about the pill.

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